Glad I'm not a BT customer

Once again I’m glad I don’t do business with BT(with the exception of line rental). First Phorm: now this

BT has begun transforming its commercial customers’ Business Hubs into OpenZone hotspots for any passing Tom, Dick or Harry to share, and leaving businesses to figure out how to opt out of the scheme after the fact.

“Free BT public wi-fi hotspot for every business broadband customer” claims the release, proudly suggesting that “Hub owners buy BT Openzone access vouchers … and can choose to pass the vouchers to their customers or resell the prime business service and add revenue”, so you can either screw visitors to your office by selling them vouchers, or pay BT twice for the same bandwidth by giving them away.

Full info can be found here. BT keep managing to setting the bar lower and lower….
Andrew Waite

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