Live boot CDs have always been the mainstay of security and incident response toolkits. These days CD drives are starting to become scarcer, optical media is prone to scratching, and flash media is rapidly getting cheaper. Additionally flash drives often have much high capacity storage for their size. As a result USB pendrives are starting […]

Denial of Service with Slowloris

Earlier this week the ha.ckers.org blog posted the release of the Slowloris HTTP DoS tool primarily coded by Rsnake, discribed as The low bandwidth, yet greedy and poisonous HTTP client! The attack vector essentially works by initialising an HTTP request but never completes the request, causing the handling thread to wait for the end of […]

Securely wiping a drive with dd

Cleaning the harddrive of any machine, be it desktop, laptop or server, before either repurposing or selling (or even scrapping), should be a basic requirement of any organisation. But there is a seemingly unrelenting stream of reported incident, some of which coming from organisations that really should know better, MI6 and military contractors for example. […]

Acer Aspire One

Last week I bit the bullet and bought a ‘toy’ I’ve been looking at for a while, the Acer Aspire One (AA1), and so far I’ve had few regrets. Whilst being small and, more importantly to me, light the screen size is still large enough to work with (including using multiple windows at once) and […]