BackTrack4 Pre-Release Released

The Remote-Exploit boys have done it again, pre-release version of BackTrack 4 is available for download here. As always there is a large amount documentation available on the Remote-Exploit wiki and forum, and the Offensive-Security blog.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, BackTrack is now based on Ubuntu which makes the OS easier to install thanks, in part, to the Ubuquity installer, a video demo of the process is included in a series of intro videos designed to get you up and running

So far I’ve had the latest version run on all my usual hardware, only issue I still need resolve (or to find someone elses’ solution) is the resolution on my AA1, so far the driver and cheat codes used to fix the issue with BT3 don’t have the same effect.

As expected BT4 has the usual assortment of best of breed tools, but it seems to have trimmed some of the fat that was found in previous releases. Whilst some may miss specific tools, I think this helps keep some focus; rather having multiple tools perform the same the task with varying degrees of proficiency, the high-end tools are included to get the job done. I’m sure if anyone’s favourite tools are missing it will be easy enough to add as required.

Customisation appears to have been a focus of the new release as the process has been made easier and more automated than in previous releases, this article describes the new changes with an accomanying video demo.

Not much else to add, BackTrack is still great and moving forward to aid system 0wnage everywhere. Big thanks to Muts and the rest of the Remote Exploit Team.
Andrew Waite

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