RSS Feeds

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a while is document and keep a list of all the RSS feeds I’ve collected over the years, mainly because I can’t remember them all. Initially I had a mild panic as I couldn’t find any of the URLs from the feeds I’ve got configured through Outlook 2007, […]

Dark Reading: DIY security lab

As I’m currently setting up and playing with my home research lab this article from Dark Reading caught my attention. The article doesn’t provide too much ‘new’ material to those that have researched security labs even in minimal depths, but it does focus on how security labs can provide cheap training to keep your skills sharp during the current economic current. I don’t want to paraphrase the article as it is all fairly self-explanatory, for those considering how to use a proposed or existing lab John Sawyers’ article suggests the following possibilities:

Sec610 Reverse Engineering Malware Demo

I spent a very interesting hour with Lenny Zeltser (and others) around a week ago with a live demo of part of Lenny’s Sec610 course. For those interested in taking the course, or malware in general, then I’d suggest that if the demo is a representative sample of the course then you’re likely to really […]