Sec610 Reverse Engineering Malware Demo

I spent a very interesting hour with Lenny Zeltser (and others) around a week ago with a live demo of part of Lenny’s Sec610 course. For those interested in taking the course, or malware in general, then I’d suggest that if the demo is a representative sample of the course then you’re likely to really enjoy it. If you’re interested the webcast session was recorded; I’m not going to provide the link here as I do not know if it is intended for public consumption, but I’m sure if you contact SANS they’ll be able to hook you up.

I don’t want to give to much away but the demo session focused on reversing an unfamiliar binary that was a dummy MSN application for password harvesting. A lot of the overall tools and theory would have been fairly straightforward for anyone with knowledge in this area, basic RE tools (VMWare, OllyDbg & Wireshark etc.) were covered as related. The demo also focused on some more specialised and less well known (at least to me) tools. Mostly these were system monitoring utils and snapshot status gathering tools to get a better feel for what the malware was up to.

The main utilities that caught my attention were fakeDNS and MailPot, these tools are designed to fake standard systems to allow the malware to communicate with external sources in a safe environment. These come part of the Malcode Analysis Pack that is distributed by iDefense. Until this point I have been using fully blown (virtual) servers to run sandboxed DNS, SMTP, etc. services for malware anaylsis, I’m hoping these utilities should reduce the implementation time required for specific analysis, leaving more time and resources available to focus on the malware itself.
Andrew Waite

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