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Whilst doing some research on reverse engineering I came across a useful tip on the Tipping Point MindshaRE blogs. The post details the (simple) steps required to add IDA Pro‘s disassembly to Window’s right-click context menu.

This is definitely simpler than I had expected it to be,although admittedly not something I had investigated before. Judging from the comments to that post the world and his dog already knows how to do this, but I didn’t so I thought I’d share in case anyone else finds this useful aswell. (And it will give me an easy place to find the information again should I forget 😉 )

Instructions, courtesy of Tipping Point:

  1. Open “regedit.exe”
  2. Open the key “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT”
  3. Locate the file extension class you want.* (“dllfile” and “exefile”)
  4. Open the sub key “shell”, it the key does not exist create it
  5. Create a new key
  6. Give it the text label you want displayed when you right click the file type
  7. Create another key under the label and name it “command”
  8. Open the “(Default)” key under the newly created label key
  9. Add the path to your installation of IDA Pro’s idag.exe binary in double quotes followed by “%1”
  10. Repeat for any other file extensions you want
  11. Close “regedit.exe”

Edited Registry:

Right click in action:
Andrew Waite

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  1. Just taken this a step further, to remove the muppetry factor I rename all malicious or potentially malicious files as *.VIRUS. Rather than just selecting the file extension to modify, add the extension to the list and continue as shown. Makes life easier, and safer

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