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Since posting my Python whois class it’s lead to a (relatively) high volume of search hits pointing people to it. So I’d like to apologise for inflicting my code on other people. After a recent post with the script I was pointed in the direction Team Cymru’s whois service and accompanying python script. If you’ve not come across the stuff released by Team-Cymru I would strongly suggest that you take a look. I always manage to find some interesting new info, three overall sections Monitoring, Services and Reading Room.
Making my life easier, Justin Azoff has released a Python module hosted on github for the service. Using the client is incredible simple as the sample code included in the package shows:

>>> import socket
>>> ip = socket.gethostbyname("")
>>> from cymruwhois import Client
>>> c=Client()
>>> r=c.lookup(ip)
>>> print r.asn
>>> print r.owner
GOOGLE - Google Inc.

Overall Justin’s client works faster than my own attempt, especially has it has functions specifically designed for bulk lookups. If you’re working with IP, whois or geolocation data I’d suggest giving the cymruwhois utility a look. Thanks to Justin and the Team Cymru people for releasing tools and info that make my work easier.
–Andrew Waite

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