Building Dionaea

As part of a new and improved environment I’ve just finished building up a new Dionaea system. Despite the ease at which I found the install of my original system I received a lot a feedback that others had a fair amount of difficulty during system build. So this time around I decided to pay closer attention to by progress to try and assist others going through the same process.
Unfortunately I’m not sure I’m going to be able to offer as many pearls of wisdom as I originally hoped as my install went relatively smoothly. Only real problem I hit was that after following Markus’ (good documentation) my build didn’t correctly link to libemu. Bottom line, keep an eye on the output of ./configure when building Dionaea. In my case the parameters passed to the configure script didn’t match my system so needed to be modified accordingly.
On the off chance that it’s of use to others (or I forget my past failures and need a memory aid) my modified ./configure command is below:

./configure \
 --with-lcfg-include=/opt/dionaea/include/ \
 --with-lcfg-lib=/opt/dionaea/lib/ \
 --with-python=/opt/dionaea/bin/python3.1 \
 --with-cython-dir=/usr/bin \
 --with-udns-include=/opt/dionaea/include/ \
 --with-udns-lib=/opt/dionaea/lib/ \
 --with-emu-include=/opt/dionaea/include \
 --with-emu-lib=/opt/dionaea/lib/ \
 --with-gc-include=/usr/include/gc \
 --with-ev-include=/opt/dionaea/include \
 --with-ev-lib=/opt/dionaea/lib \
 --with-nl-include=/opt/dionaea/include \
 --with-nl-lib=/opt/dionaea/lib/ \
 --with-curl-config=/opt/dionaea/bin/ \
 --with-pcap-include=/opt/dionaea/include \
 --with-pcap-lib=/opt/dionaea/lib/ \

— Andrew Waite
<update 20100606> New Dionaea build encountered a problem with libemu, ./configure above has been edited to reflected additional changes I required to compile with libemu support. </update>

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  1. Thanks a lot for the configure command, that was my problem to get Dioanea running
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Python-3.2.2 .congigure ~~ LDFLAG=”-W(something) : i interpreted as 1, didn’t fly, then cut and pasted out of your compile doc and now see it is l(el) and it configured.

  3. Andrew,
    Is it possible to: A) Have Dionaea email out a logging report at the end of every 24hr period.
    B) Segregate the logs into 24hr periods.
    I would believe that it is only simple configuration changes in one of the conf files.

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