Rise of explo.it database

The team from Offensive Security have just announced the opening of explo.it (re-directs to exploits.offensive-security.com, just more memorable). The site is designed as a successor to milw0rm. If you’ve ever browsed the milw0rm site the layout will be instantly familiar.
I think this is great news for the infosec community, not only does the OffSec team always produce high quality output, but it helps provide some stability in the wake of milw0rms recent uncertainty.
At this point the site’s content volume is growing rapidly, when I looked this morning the archives exploits numbered around 9000, already it has reach 10000+, and a refresh of the front page has this number increase a good percentage of the time.
One feature of the site that I do like is a link (where available) to the vulnerable version of the application or code. I believe this will make testing much easier as it removes the need to trawl the web for an often unsupported and unavailable old version of an application. I really hope that this feature will become popular and all/most of the published exploits will link to a download location for retrieving the vulnerable code where possible.
Happy exploiting (in your lab, obviously)
Andrew Waite

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