Nepenthes is Dead, Long live Dionaea

As regular readers will know (do I have any of those?) I’ve been running a Nepenthes honeypot for a while. Current statistics show that the server ran for 540days, was ‘exploited’ 4189 times, collecting 1189 unique samples (based on MD5 hash) from 2024 source IP addresses.
The latest post (dated October 27th 2009) on the Nepenthes site indicates that development on Nepenthes is coming to a close, stating 7 reasons preventing newer features being implemented with Nepenthes. As a result I’m stopping development on my statistics scripts for parsing the Nepenthes’ log files. The good news is that work on Nepenthes’ spiritual successor is well underway, in the form of Dionaea.
I’m hopefully going to get a Dionaea box up and running in the near future to continue were I’ve left off with Nepenthes, watch this space…
Andrew Waite

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  1. “As regular readers will know (do I have any of those?)”
    Well, i guess you have one now 🙂

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