Rapid7 Acquire Metasploit

I’d guess this won’t be breaking news to anyone as it was always going to generate a buzz once announced, but for anyone who has missed today’s revelations; Metasploit has been acquired by Rapid7 with HDM and Egypt joining the company.
Since the news broke the Metasploit IRC channel (#metasploit, on irc.freenode.net) has been alive with conversation and debate, some good wishes for the team’s future, and others concerned by the future of the project. One aspect that has been stated by all parties is that the Metasploit framework is to remain open source. The blog posting released by Rapid7 attempts to allay any fears or concerns that may be created by the news.
As no one can see the future it is impossible to determine if the move will be a boon or problem for the industry as a whole, or what lies in store for the future of the framework, I won’t try to comment, especially as those better placed than me seemed as in the dark as the rest of us.
Congratulations to HD Moore and the team; regardless of the future, the work they have put into the project has been of great assistance to the community, and provided freely at the expense of free time. Given past history I’ll trust that the project will continue to assist the community as it has previously.
Thank you for your efforts to this point.
Andrew Waite

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