AV killing with powershell

A colleague recently introduced me to scripting with Powershell. After seeing a couple of examples of it’s strength for handling legitimate administration tasks my devious side came into play and I started imaging havok in my head.
As a starting project for getting to grips with Powershell basics I thought I’d try a proof of concept to replicate Meterpreter’s ability to disable AV and other defence mechanisms within the getcountermeasure function. I love meterpreter, but sometimes you need to work with more primitive native tools, as Powershell is starting to be included by default within Windows systems it is now one of the ‘primitive’ tools. My theory was that this should give me a bit of a challange, without jumping in at the deep end.
Well I was wrong, I guess showing the strength of Powershell this proved not to be a challange at all. The code below reads a list of unwanted processes from a text file, and kills the processes. All in four lines of code (I’m told this could be shortened at the expense of readability)

#read list of AV processes to kill
$avprocs = Get-Content AVprocs.txt
#kill all unwanted processes
foreach( $procname in $avprocs)
Stop-Process -name $procname

The next time you pop a Windows box don’t dispare, there’s more power available than just batch scripts 😀
Andrew Waite
P.S. Before anyone shouts about aiding skiddies, the above code could have some great legitimate uses as well; from automatically cleaning up infected systems to aiding productivity by adding doom.exe to the list of processes 😉
The possibilities are endless, both good and bad.

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