Social-Engineering has always been an interest of mine, whilst I’m not too good deceiving people in person, the potential of [spear-]phishing and physical media drops is too appealing to ignore. Recently there has been a good step forward in the maturity of the field with the opening of
If you’re not willing to take my word for the quality of the site, and it’s potential for future resources check out the list contributors in the ‘Team’ section. Some members of the team also discuss the project on episode 34 of Exotic Liability.
The resources section of the site already has some high quality video tutorials showing some basic social engineering vectors including the Social Engineer Toolkit (SET) which forms part of the framework. SET promises to make the creation and implementation of social engineer attack vectors simpler and easier to control.
I’m expecting some useful resources to be generated and released by this project, definitely one to check back with periodically.
Andrew Waite

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