Links from my inbox (2009-08-17)

Going through my inbox, today seems to be a good day for sharing links. So I thought I pass some of these on, may be of use to others too.

IronGeek’s Security and Forensic podcasts:

Links to the latest episodes of the podcasts that are regularly listened to by IronGeek, in chronological order. Shouldn’t be too many surprises; PaulDotCom, Exotic Liability, etc. Could be a good way to keep upto date and/or check the content for anything interesting of those podcasts you don’t listen to religiously.

Tools for extracting files from pcaps:

SANS ISC diary has a list and discussion of tools for gathering different files and executables from a PCAP file. Often useful for incident response, forensic or malware analysis work. Looks like a nice compilation of tools to have handy for when the need arises.

40 Tools for your sysadmin bag:

Sunbelt provides a list of 40 tools useful for SysAdmin and security work. Some good tools listed, but as it’s compiled by Sunbelt some of the entries should be taken with a pinch of salt. For instance Sunbelt’s own sandbox is listed as being ‘similar to VirusTotal’, without the more ubiquitous VirusTotal itself making the list.

Andrew Waite

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