Initial thoughts from CloudCamp

Tonight was the second CloudCamp event in the North East of England, and my first serious look at cloud computing. I really enjoyed the event and believe I recieved excellent value from attendence, so thanks to all those who helped run the event, presented and discussed aspects of the field with me during the breakout sessions.
My head is still spinning with new ideas and understanding as a result of the event so I’ll try to keep this brief and to act as a semi disclaimer for future postings regarding cloud computing.
Before the event my understanding of cloud computing was very cursory and I was very dubious of both it’s implementation and actual value to an organise. As such I attended the event in an effort to gain a greater insight into this new buzz word in service provisioning, either to join the bandwagon and take advantage of the Cloud’s potential, or to be able to better argue against adoption with a more reasoned argument than ‘I don’t like it’.
For this goal the event was perfect for my needs, as I know have a better understanding of what Cloud computing is (and isn’t) and have been able to answer some of my fundemental questions.
Short and sweet was the intention of this post so I’ll finish with a quote (paraphrased) from the event which has in some ways changed my outlook on Cloud computing, and more specifically the ability to secure a Cloud:

Security issues related to Cloud computing aren’t new or worse than security issues within traditional architectures, they’re just more visible.

Andrew Waite

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