First Lab Victim

I’ve spent the last couple of hours installing my next victim machine for lab, thought I’d share the process if for nothing else it’ll be a useful reminder next time I delete the wrong file and need to re-do tonight’s work.
Target in this case is a Windows XP install, patched to service pack 2. I’m intending to use this VM for dual purposes, for exploit development (both MS native and third party apps) and for malware analysis. As a result I’m going to make extensive use of VMWare’s snapshotting capabilities, allowing me to have multiple states of essentially the same machine depending on what I’m working on at any point in time.
For resource allocation the VM has a 4GB HDD and 512MB of RAM, the RAM may get expanded depending on performance if I’m working on the VM (during malware analysis) rather than just exploiting it.
There is a NIC configured (not connected at power on) to the WAN network to allow access to the web for tool downloads etc. Permenant NIC has access to a ‘malicious’ ESXi vLAN which has not outside access. Once the OS was installed it was connected to the outside world to allow the OS to allow it to phone home and authenticate. At this point the VM was snapshotted to provide a ‘clean’ base incase I need to start from scratch without having to re-install.
Following this I changed the desktop wall paper, so I can tell if I’m in a VM or my real machine, hopefully should help prevent ‘accidents’. Basic tools were installed at this point, before I final generic snapshot:

I’m fully expecting this list of tools to expand as I gain experience, but for now this should provide a workable environment. Just need to go and exploit something now…
Andrew Waite

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