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May SuperMondays (on a Tuesday)

For those that don’t know I’m scheduled to give a presentation at the upcoming Super Mondays meeting next week. The topic of the presentation is malware honeypots, and is based as a follow up to my original Honeypotting with Nepenthes, and I’m hoping to discuss some statistics generated by my script from my honeypot logs.

The session will begin with a demonstration of some new technologies, including ambient kitchens and surface computers. Following this will be a presentation on cultural technology and HCI by Patrick Oliver and a presentation of meaningful technology and her work on digital jewellery by Jayne Wallace, before ending the night with my presentation.

Tickets are free and going fast so register now to reserve your place, event registration.

It is shaping up to be a good night, so look forward to seeing you all there.

Andrew Waite

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