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Screen Capture and Editing


As part of an upcoming project I’ve been playing with some screen capture and editing software. As I’ve never been one for for the graphical/fluffy side of IT it’s a new area for me, and I was shocked with how simple it can be.

For screen capture I used the free CamStudio application, at first try it seems small, lightweight and most importantly simple and intuitive to use.

Finding decent editing software for free was difficult, @usedtire suggested Cinelerra for Linux. From the site it looks to be an impressive application, but I’ll admit I found no easy way to get this running under Debian/Ubuntu and ended up in dependency hell, so I installed Windows Movie Maker thanks to the links/instructions I found here.

Whilst experimenting with my new found tools I’ve created the somewhat obligitory Metasploit tutorials:

Andrew Waite

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