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Thank you Cisco


Several months ago I tried accessing a Cisco whitepaper (can’t remember which one or what topic) and was prompted to register for a prize draw. I was bored to so thought ‘what the hell’, couple minutes later I was done and forgot about it. Until the post turned up this morning!

I cracked the box open and found a rather shiny looking pen (see below):

Cisco Pen Boxed

Very shiny box for a pen, but it turns out that Cisco know geeks; the pen also includes a 1GB USB drive!

Cisco Pen Disassembled

Cisco Pen Disassembled

And the perfect finishing touch? The end of the pen also includes a laser pointer, which has given me great enjoyment watching the dog chase and try to devour the red spot on the carpet. Thanks Cisco.

Andrew Waite

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