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Example PCAP files


Just a quick one this time around, as it is mostly a reminder to take a closer look once I get some free time….

Included in Dave Hull’s recent blog post on the SANS forensic blog (well worth a read in it’s own right) Dave links to part of the Network Miner Sourcefire site that contains many links to publicly accessible .pcap files for training, analysis and general packet-fu fun. Direct link here.

This should provide a wealth of real-world packet captures for some realistic training and analysis. If you can spare the time, take a look.

Andrew Waite

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  1. 2012/09/18 at 11:56

    The list of publicly available pcap files has moved from SourceForge to here: http://www.netresec.com/?page=PcapFiles

    • 2012/09/18 at 15:08

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve updated the post accordingly.

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